Error for Tasks USER ROOKIE Login user with API

Hi, I am working on Backendless missions. At the moment I am the Login user with API tasks. Here is my logic:

The only difference in my logic is the block that should return the current user name. I did not have “Get current user” the only block I have was “Get current user roles”
I have followed the video for the Backendless instruction to build the logged-in logic for this exercise but I am not able to log in successfully. When I am running this page and try to login in I got an error in the Dev Tools console “Error: the first argument must be either a string or a number”. Could this be caused by the block “Get current user roles”? If this is the case I don’t have the block “Get current user” which on the video apparently is working. Otherwise, if this is not the case I don’t have any idea from where this error is coming from. Could someone help me, please?

Hi, I have solved this task using a simple button without any input fields on the page and for the logic of the login block. I still have the same issue regarding the login form I implemented early with the fields. If someone can help me with this login form, I will be happy.

Hello @Stanislava_Stoeva

Welcome to the community and thanks for trying Backendless.
Are you sure that the email and password exist in PageData?