Error from flutter web SDK

I have encountered problems when trying to connect to the backend from the SDK for flutter web, the functions with exceptions returned have been:"TestTable").findFirst()
I get the exception: PlatformException(error, NoSuchMethodError: invalid member on null: 'forEach', null)

Backendless.customService .invoke("onBoarding", "flutter", {"pageSize": 10})
I get the exception: PlatformException(error, Invalid argument: Instance of 'NativeJavaScriptObject', null)

These exceptions don’t occur when I run on iOS or Android

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 12.02.38 PM

In the case of android it generates an exception with object type arguments, it only accepts type arrays
PlatformException(error, java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to java.util.List, null)

Hi @David_Delagneau

Both of these problem have been fixed in v.6.0.2. Can you please update the plugin version and verify that findFirst and Custom Service invocation works for Web platform?

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Thanks for your prompt reply, I just upgraded to v6.0.2 from flutter, getting the following results:

  • findFirst - web

    • Now the object is getting it from the backend without problem
  • customService.invoke - web

    • I still get the exception: PlatformException(error, Invalid argument: Instance of 'NativeJavaScriptObject', null)
  • customService.invoke - android

    • Indeed, the problem when compiling for Android with customService has been solved, now it receives Map type being uniform in all platforms

Hi @David_Delagneau

We fixed the issue in v.6.0.3 of the plugin. Can you please update it and verify that everything works fine?
I want to notice that now Flutter SDK makes direct REST calls for Custom Service. The parameters should be of the type, the server is expecting, whether it’s a Map or a single value.

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Thank you very much @Maksym_Khobotin now everything works fine

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