Error handling for a "no internet connection" situation in-app

Hi all,

As stated in the subject, Can anyone suggest an error handling for a “no internet connection” situation in-app? Let’s take the example from Thunkable’s Device block – you find a function ‘Is the Device Online’. It is truly an important and fundamental function. How can this be implemented at Backendless?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ramon,

Here’s how you can implement this in UI Builder:

  1. Set up a timer that checks the internet connection. In my example below, it checks every 500ms:
    UI Builder - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2022-05-06 14-22-59
  2. The Custom Code block has the following logic:
  3. When the internet connectivity changes, the onlineStatus property in Page Data will have either true (internet is available) or false (there is no internet connection). And now you can bind your logic and UI to that value. I used an icon to represent that. Here’s the icon logic:

And here’s a live demo:

Hope this helps.


Hey really appreciate your quick response. I’ll try it now. Thanks so much.