Error in Codeless logic editor

Application ID: D7075715-5086-625A-FFAB-39C2F40FB200

Oops. An internal error [22cde29bdf7d569e68f876f3b7e181bb] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later

Problem description

I keep getting a red error in the top right.

Steps to reproduce

This happens whenever I try to edit the OnClick Event for the Save Button on page E7-create-new-equipment. Whether that is adding something, removing something, editing it.

I even tried to completely remove the component and creating the logic again, but the same thing keeps happening for this single component on that single page.

Note : the logic includes a transaction if that has anything to do with it.

Hi, @Nicolas_REMY

I was not able to reproduce the issue in your application (the page is E7-create-new-equipment, block - SaveButton, handler - On Click Event). I may have missed something. Do you still have the issue? Any additional steps would help us solve the issue quicker.

Regards, Marina

I managed to solve this by completely removing the handlers and the component. Then I added the component anew and rebuilt the logic. For some reason I believe there was some code corruption and this managed to solve it :thinking: