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Error in data table after the new visual modeler

im getting this error on the data page in one of the tables.
Table 'service_order.service_order_offer.service_orde' doesn't exist
i didnt altered the table structure.

im stuck and cant work on my app for the 3rd day now.
guys kindly look into this issue

Hi @mohammad_altoiher!
Sorry for incenvenience. Could you provide your App ID?

Regards, Andriy

app id: 07D0CC0C-4A50-198B-FFFB-78866CCD9600

The problem has been fixed. Could you please check and confirm that it has gone?

Regards, Andriy

Thank you.
as a note from a loving customer: it will be much better to make such changes for the system on the start of the week. so we dont get stuck with a broken app for days.

We a sorry for this sutiation. We will make everything which is possible for avoiding such problems in future.

Regards, Andriy

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