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Error in date now with codeless

(zeev mindali) #1

hello to all.

i using the next code block for date:

but in console realtime log i getting the incorrect month (one month before)

Sun Dec 16 2018 17:34:57 GMT+0200 (Israel Standard Time) | SERVER_CODE | INFO | [16525] distance(35.037654709075866,32.79285355860873,lan,lat)<km(0.25) AND isClosed=false AND created before ‘11/16/2018’

(Mark Piller) #2

Months are zero based , I think, that’s why it is one month before

(zeev mindali) #3

strange, so I need to convert it to number and add 1?

(zeev mindali) #4

working :slight_smile:

(zeev mindali) #5

no working :frowning:
I see dates in 12/16/2018
but when I try sql in candle:

created at ‘12/16/2018’

not getting any result

(Mark Piller) #6

(zeev mindali) #7

figure something out, need to add the hours :frowning:
now start to work