Error in EasyLoginFacebook in Standalone Server : "Not logged in"

We development with Standalone Server in Bitnami and or execute a EasyLoginFacebook return error “Not Logged In” in facebook view.
What Happen?

Andre, since we do not provide free support for the Standalone edition, you could try the same thing with Backendless Cloud and if you get the same error, please post it here. Otherwise, consider purchasing a support plan.


Same error here. It’s a bug in the standalone server. In my case, Easy FB login from iOS creates the URL:

Which results in the error:

Internal server error with id 84B87964-67FB-7864-FF20-E2A0851A1100Note the id changes every time the URL is processed so it’s generated internally somewhere. Hoping to hear some suggestions/workarounds.*Please don’t tell me/us to purchase a support plan. This is a bug in Backendless standalone server not a user error. You’re free to fix it or not, but we’re reporting bugs not asking for configuration help.

Thanks for the reporting this, before we diagnose the problem specifically to the Standalone edition, could you please check if the error occurs for you with the Cloud version?

Have you registered your own server address on Facebook Developer’s Console?
Also you may check the server log files to see a more detailed description of the Internal Server Error.

Hi Sergey,

Yes, I’ve followed all the directions to register my own server with FB. As I’ve said, the URL above interacts exclusively with standalone Backendless and throws the error. Prior to configuring the FB app correctly, I was receiving different errors from FB which were resolved once I added app domains, site URL, and Oauth callback URI.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything in the logs. Is there somewhere you’re recommend looking?