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Error in showing files from backendless


(Paper Work) #1

every thing works fine

until yesterday i got this messege:
Backendless encountered an error while handling the request. An internal trouble ticket with ID D2A34762-32D4-140C-FFF7-FB256AD7CD00 has been created and we will be investigating the issue.

did i do any thing wrong ?

(Oleg Vyalyh) #2

Is it continuous error? May be the request have been done during server update process.
Do you receive it now? If so, please, provide you application id.

(Paper Work) #3

data table works fine

the problem i have uploaded pdf files to server using api
and when i want to show this files its give me this error

app ID : 59FB34A3-902F-A9A3-FF05-5E39D06AF100

(Paper Work) #4

i have noticed that the files with name in right to left like Arabic gives me this error
it was work perfectly what happened now ?
any help in this issue please

(Oleg Vyalyh) #5

I’ve created the inner task to investigate the problem.
All information about the progress will be posted here.