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Error of updating user

My AppId: A87C0519-FB6B-4A6F-FF50-50359BE40900
I cannot update the current user in codeless. Error 3064 comes. Then, with the same password, the user can no longer enter. In all my previous projects this worked. What happens to backendless? There are new bugs at every turn. If you have changed something and thus it is no longer possible to update the user, then why not write this in the documentation anywhere?

both methods produce the same result
method - saveNewAttempt
service - SalkiService

Hi Petr!

This is not documented since this behaviour is not expected and is related to recent changes in code. This is a bug and it’ll be fixed ASAP. Thank you for reporting the problem and sorry for the inconveniences.
We’ll try to fix this problem fast and will notify you as soon as the problem is solved.
P.S.: problem occurs when you are searching currently logged in user by id and then updating some properties. In this case password is updated as well with value that user did not specify.
Sorry again for the troubles it may have caused.

Regards, Inna

How do I get out of the situation? Should I stop developing until you solve the problem? Or are there ways to get the user updated? Or just don’t mess with backendless at all?

I believe this should work as a temporary workaround -
Try deleting a “password” property before updating a user


Thanks, I will try

Fixed and deployed to cloud servers, workaround should no longer be required. Sorry for the inconveniences it may have caused