Error to get a related object you must have permissions


I try to open the default Users table under System data.

Here i dont see any data and get this message:

But as the owner i have all the permissions:

What can be the problem? When i grant all permissions in the Roles Permissions i do see the Users table, but i dont think that this can be right.

Can you please check?

Having the same issue with my app as well.

Temporary fix for me was to set NotAuthenticatedUser and RestUser roles to allow Retrieve in all tables that are related to the erroring table

Edit: I’m assuming it is related to this issue:

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Hi, @Michel_Loriaux, @Nathan_Cousins

Sorry for the inconvenience. We have created an internal ticket for this issue - BKNDLSS-26018. We have found the cause, our developers are already working on the solution. We do our best to fix it asap.



Hi, @Michel_Loriaux , @Nathan_Cousins

The issue has been fixed. Could you kindly let us know whether table permissions works for you well now?

Regards, Marina

Issue appears to be fixed for me,


Thank you Marina,

The issue has been resolved.