Error uploading image, REST-API-key is poting to Android API key

Hi dear Backendless Team

I’m trying to upload an image to backendless storage to get it later as user profile picture via url, and according to documentation the file is saved in ,
but at the moment of debugging I realised that the value of REST-API-key is pointing to Android API key and as consequence the user profile is not updated, I attached a screenshot of that issue.

My application Id is : C53D7BF1-EC61-A11B-FF18-31BAED0CB500

Please your support.

Hi @nathan23

We will look into this and get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Hi @nathan23

The url of uploaded file has the following structure:

The API-key value can be any of your API keys from console.
The API key value is used for analytics and permissions setup.

There is no difference which key is used. So you can, for example:

  1. Upload image with Android key
  2. Get it with REST key (and image will be received)
  3. Replace it using e.g. JS API key, and it will be replaced with a new one.

We reproduce all these steps and everything works as described above.

Best Regards,

Hi Maksym.

Thanks for your support, now I understad better the behaviour the process of uploading image, and I could realise that my issue was related to the api of Glide which it’s was remaining in cache the url of my image.