Error when retrieving users without relations in swift

I’ve tried following Feature 16 data retrieval API it correctly counts the total number of objects in the database but when i try pulling each user name without the relations it returns an error with this code

for restaurant in currentPage as! [Restaurant] {
                    print("Restaurant name = \(")
fatal error: NSArray element failed to match the Swift Array Element type

But my code looks like this and it works fine but only returns nil for each user name

for userInfo in currentPage {
      print("Users: = \(")

I’m extract all the User’s names in the database to add to a UITableView List

Hi David,

Recently we made some changes on backend and in client SDK, so you should update your local BlogFeatureDay-iOS.

Also you could upgrade libs in your projects from ios-SDK github.


Thank you very much for your quick response time. Recently started working on the app, updated everything and got it to work right away.