Error when running Whereas clause in Missions

Task: Retrieve Data With Where Clause (REST Console)

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Hi. I am in training mode, working in Missions in a training app.

I am here:

However, the database that is shown in the zip file does NOT load into the database through the Import function. Rather, only a small part of it does.

Only about 15 records come in from the Country file, for example, out of 240 records. This is what it looks like in my database:

Then, when I go into my rest console and click “Get”, I get an error. See here:

What am I missing? I did not change any settings or do anything to the system. I am simply following, step by step, all of the Missions.

Hi Mark,

I connected to your app and see that the Country table has 239 records:

The Backendless Console shows the records in “pages”. You can set how many records per page are shown:

As for running a GET query with a where clause, I could not reproduce the error; it works for me as expected (see below). Perhaps you have a browser plugin blocking the API request made by the Backendless Console?