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Error which switching subscription

My app is in production, FB ads are running.
Today my free plan was finished due to api calls (or sth else) and my only way was to go thru MISSIONS MAP and make all the tasks, after which Free Plan (with some limitations, I know) will be unlocked.
Yes I made this and plan is unlocked, but after im clicking “Switch” (see screenshot)

I see the error “Subscription in ‘Canceled’ state is not eligible for product migration”.

I searched thru this forum for simmilar problems and figured out that support team can “refresh” my already ended/cancelled subscription and then I’ll be able to switch to new subscription. Am I true? Can you help me, please? Thanks!

Application ID 45A4B942-432F-8D7A-FFD8-E2F105B05400
Project name "English

Hi Margarita,

I looked into your app, it was on a 30 day free trial of the Cloud99 plan. The trial has expired on February 19th. At that time if the app is not switched to another plan, the subscription goes into the “Canceled” state.

If your application is in production, the Springboard plan would not work well for you. The plan is great for development, however, it is not suitable for production since it doesn’t have the SuperScaling feature. The feature is responsible for handling parallel API calls and API calls from multiple locations. If you’d like I can switch the app to the Springboard plan, but the app is likely to be blocked by the SuperScaling system.


Hi @mark-piller
I’m facing the same issue on my app (epiprod : 4F036E66-2926-B11C-FF1F-741011904C00), I wanted to switch from monthly to yearly billing.
Can you help me?

What happens when you switch the subscription in console? Could you please attach a screenshot showing the error?

The error message “The transaction has been declined” indicates that the bank that issued your credit card has declined our charge. Please contact the credit card company to find out why they are declining it.


Hi @mark-piller
I checked with my bank and they told me that the transaction was rejected because of fraud suspicion.

I’ll try again tomorrow after the activation of my card, or if you have another way for payment that will be great (like wire transfers, PayPal, etc…)

Kind regards,


At this time we accept only credit cards for the Backendless Cloud service.