Error while connecting Backendless


I have this issue from several days. When I make an request I got error message “invalid date format”. But I did not change the date format in my application. Two days ago the problem occurred but after several hours The error message disappears. I thought that is caused by an update or something like that. Today all day have that error and have no successful request.



Hi Milen,

Can you please provide an example of your request so that we could reproduce the problem?

match_date at or after ‘1478469600000’ AND match_date before ‘1478556000000’ AND tip_type=0

This where clause don`t work. Before 3 or 5 days ago it worked.

Did you actually use “at or after” operator?

match_date at or after '1478469600000'

yes, I removed quotes infront and after dates and it works, but in alter versions of my app the clause is with (‘135667777’)

When remove quotes the request don`t return correct data!

This should be fixed now, can you please verify?

Fixed, thanks!!!