Error with my application id

I am using flutter 2.0.5 and backendless_sdk 6.3.2
I have created a simple table to store data but it says:
PlatformException(See details for error code, Server reported an error. See fault details for additional information, {“code”:9000,“message”:“Application with ID 72B08AC5-9FE0-4954-9809-21EFABEA361B does not exist”,“errorData”:{}}, null)

but this is exactly my application ID
this is my code:

IDataStore<Map> chatTableDataStore ='tbl_users');
initState() {
Backendless.initApp("72B08AC5-9FE0-4954-9809-21EFABEA361B", "AFD254A1-C222-44F5-8275-339D8048514E", "9A7079FE-4110-4B82-9514-45AEDEFA8E9D");

Future _storeDataInWebDatabase(Shop shop) async{
    Map groupChatObject = Map();
    //int counter = await Backendless.counters.incrementAndGet("cnt_group_chat");
    groupChatObject['name'] =;
    groupChatObject['shop_name'] = shop.shopName;
    groupChatObject['type'] = shop.type;
    groupChatObject['category'] = shop.category;
    groupChatObject['fee'] = shop.fee;
    groupChatObject['zip_code'] = shop.zipCode;
    groupChatObject['location'] = shop.location;
    groupChatObject['timing'] = shop.timing;
    groupChatObject['phone'] =;
    groupChatObject['image'] = 'path';
    //await _openCheckout();
  } catch(e){

Hello, @sdf_ertert.

Thanks for contaction us. I see several problems in your code.

  1. You are trying to use API before initialization your application.
    This line must be used after initApp: IDataStore<Map> chatTableDataStore ='tbl_users');

  2. Server returned an error because you tried send request to the US cluster, but your application is in the EU.
    In setUrl function you need to use this:

Best regards, Nikita.

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thank you very mush @Nikita_Fedorishchev it worked
I have another question : how can I store and retrieve image in backendless database in Flutter?

This article describes how you can upload files to a backendless database.
And in this article how you can download files:

Best regards, Niktia.