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Error with Windows curl getting response from custom event handler

(Simon Nishi McCorkindale) #1

Using the latest CodeRunner v1.5 we get the following error when running curl on Windows against a custom event handler we deployed from the same Windows box. The same code / curl command runs fine under Ubuntu and also works okay if the code is running in Debug mode when we curl it from Windows. The Backendless Console just reports “failure” in the History and Logs popup.

On a side note we confirmed the Deploy.bat now deploys to Production on Windows and HTTPS related exceptions we got when connecting to an SSL external host have been resolved.

Custom Event Handler code:

             public Map handleEvent(RunnerContext context, Map eventArgs) {
                           return eventArgs;

Error returned:
404 Bad Request

Environment Windows 7 (64bit) Korean, Java version 1.8.0_20

Attached is a zip file containing the following files:
windows-Debug.txt - curl command and output of a successful go
windows-Production.txt - same but when it fails with the above reponse
ubuntu-Production.txt - Linux curl against the Production code with successful reply
PNG - the History and Logs popup with “failure”

(Kate Maksimenko) #2

Hi Simon.

We will check this problems.

Regards, Kate.

(Eugene Chipachenko) #3

Hello Simon,

The issue was fixed.
We updated CodeRunner v1.6 on our website.
Please, download new CodeRunner and try again.

Best Regards,
Eugene Chipachenko