Error with worldcities.csv used for geo missions

I am trying to complete one of the geo mission but am not able to use the provided csv with radius search. I keep receiving an error. when searching in the polygon, things seem to work okayish. I’m not having this error with another table that I have been using for location data.

Hi Jared,

Does the error happen if you move the circle around and change its radius?


Thank you for the response. This error occurs both after moving the circle and changing the radius. I am using the file suggested to download for the mission itself. Not sure what’s going on here.

I am receiving ‘Incorrect arguments for st_distance_sphere’ as the error. When i don’t do a radius search this doesn’t occur and the search/display works just fine

Thanks, Jared. It sounds like a regression. We will look into it.

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I was able to complete this mission just now.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache and then reuploading the CSV file?

I haven’t. I’ll do that. I’ll also remove and reimport the file

Hi, @jared_gibb

Sorry for the long wait. Did you pass the mission? Did cleaning the browser cache help you?