Error:(27, 9) error: cannot find symbol class BackendlessUser [Android Studio, Windows 10]


I am trying to use Backendless for a small android app for a school project. We are following the Android quick start guide exactly, but we cannot get past step 9. We loaded the dependency with Maven, added the import statement, the permissions in the manifest, and the init statement. Android Studio does not recognize the classes that should have been loaded with the API in maven. I have attached pictures of our code, our errors, and our dependencies. Please let me know if there is anything immediately obvious that we are doing wrong here. Thank you for your time.

Hi Matthew,

Change “com.backendless:android:3.0.6” to “com.backendless:backendless:3.0.11”


Same exact errors are occurring, unfortunately no changes.

Are there import statements for the backendless classes in the code?

I got it to work. The guide says that you only need :

import com.backendless.Backendless;

But I had to import:

import com.backendless.Backendless;
import com.backendless.BackendlessUser;
import com.backendless.async.callback.BackendlessCallback;Issue solved, may want to update quick start guide. Thanks!