All of sudden, my project has this error, i don’t do anything. I re-add the SDK for iOS but it doesn’t work. This is the screenshot</img>

I can send you my project if needed

Actually the Backendless lib works fine, but when i add GoogleMap framework into my project some errors happens.The googlemaps framework works fine if there’s no Backendless lib in the same project. I think there’s some conflict between these two frameworks. I also just created a new simple project and used both GoogleMaps framework and Backendless lib. The project had the same errors as the one above. Please take a look and help me. I attached the project below.

Have you considered contacting Google about this problem?

Please set in “yes” this Build Settings option:</img>

i already set it to Yes.

I haven’t. But if i just only use GoogleMaps framework then there’s no error. But when there’s Backendless lib in the same project, i have the above errors.
Could you go and take a look for me, i can send you my project.

If you use Backendless alone, there is no error either…

As a policy, we do not review developer projects with free support.

I got it, thank you anyway. Now i have to discover why there is this problem.

Remove “-ObjC” linker flag:</img>

Thank you sir.
It works like a charm.
Could you explain why does this happen ?