EU Cluster - App seems to have been overwritten

Hi there Backendless team.

Well done for getting the EU cluster back online! When I logged in while it was down (before I knew it was down), I clicked through the create new app builder to get to my main app.

It seems that it created a new trial, and when I log in, I get to the trial app, rather than my original.
I can’t see a way to recover it, but I’m hoping you might be able to help?

Please let me know what I can provide to help - would love to get it back online.


Hello @Rob_Simpson

Are you saying that the application you had in EU-cluster - disappeared after you created the application in US-cluster? Or have you had your trial reset? Please specify the APP ID of the current application.


It seems to have - when I log in using my email (the one I used for my original EU cluster app) - I am taken to the trial US cluster app.

I have a paid subscription on my EU app if that helps in identifying the issue.

US Cluster app id: 37E1F0EE-D523-A1AA-FFD8-04537784C000

Thanks for your help!

Did you delete your app on 31 January?

Hi Inna, yes I believe so.

Hi Inna - just re-read this - I thought you said ‘create’, rather than delete.

I didn’t delete anything, but tried to log into my existing app, and got redirected to a ‘create your app’ flow. I assumed this was a bug and clicked through to get to my existing app and it was not accessible.

Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya - Just checking you saw this update. Looking forward to getting my database sorted out again :slight_smile:

Hello @Rob_Simpson

what were the name and(or) id of the application?

as I see you have had application with id 75886AB4-31F2-10EB-FF25-CAAC43341200 and the name MG_Segmenter. The application was removed on 01/31/2023 at 08:16AM CST

Hi Sergey,

Awesome thanks- yes that’s the one: 75886AB4-31F2-10EB-FF25-CAAC43341200

Although I did not remove it - so I’m wondering if there is a way to recover it?


we will check if it is possible to restore the application. But unfortunately, the application was removed by you or someone from your team. The application was removed before the issue with EU happen.

I will let you know if we have a backup of the application

Hello @Rob_Simpson

Sorry, but we do not have the backup of your application. We have only files. Backup was missed after the issue in EU. And your application was removed before the issue.