EU UI builder server problems again

Application ID: BBEB23FC-1C0D-950E-FFF6-EA121F3C7500

Oops. An internal error [8a742e94e1ebe0bf24fe9c1ea1b69108] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later

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  1. The eu server on UI Builder is having major issues - for at least 30 minutes
  2. It’s giving me a series of different errors, I’ve had…
    Internal server errors - whilst initialising UI builder
    There is no container with name=default
    Or when I’ve loaded the app it’s completely destroyed the layouts (individual cells are defaulting to full page width).
  3. All of which are very concerning as I’ve spent much of the weekend working on a client app and now seeing this disappearing…

This is the second time this week that the eu server has freaked out on me - I’m starting to worry about the resilience of using the UI builder end of the platform…

Pity - because I think its great when it works, but that does need to be all of the time please…



Hello @Andrew_Lawrence

Sorry for the inconvenience!
There were some issues with the files-system and it has already fixed

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad
I can log in again but most of my pages have either been deleted completely (all I get is a blank canvas) or the contents of entire working areas (columns / cells) have been removed.
Please tell me that you can do a restore from backup of this app. I need it back as it was before the server issues!!!

Hi there
Not sure whether anyone’s still working at this time in tne morning but my pages are still gone and I can’t even now export my database to re-do all the work in Bubble…!!!
Can you please get the eu server running properly? This has been going on for four hours now…

Hi Andrew,

Our team is investigating the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Thanks Mark
Hopefully hear something positive soon

Hello @Andrew_Lawrence, the issue is fixed