Event handler external URL redirect

I want to setup an event handler that checks if the API request comes from my app by sending a unique code with all apis that identifies that the API was triggered from my app by sending a unique code from my app in headers.

so far no problem, the goal is if the API request is coming without the uniqueID I want to redirect to another link. in this case the link is either the landing page or app store link to my app

how do I return a redirect to external URL response in backendless ?

Hello @Ali_AlShamsi

I’m not sure if I understand your question right.

What do you mean when say “return a redirect in backendless?”
Could you provide some examples, not with Backendless?

Also, if I want to do a redirect depending on a response - I must check this response from the backend, and just do a redirect at the frontend.

Regards, Dima

I just want to redirect to another webpage from backend not frontend

how can I redirect an API request to another page if a condition is true with event handler?

Hi @Ali_AlShamsi ,

What type of SDK do you use (JS/Java/Codeless) ?

For example in Codeless you can perform redirect in next way:

Regards, Andriy

thank you