Event handler for data import

im trying to add event handler for when i import csv file for a data table.
but its not firing when i import the data.

i want to add a new geo point for every record imported. im using codeless

EDIT: i have found the event aftercreateCSV but codless doesn’t open when i click on the event (keep showing the loading indicator)

There is no business logic event associated with the import of CSV. Events are available only for the APIs, and the import is a management/admin function.

My suggestion is it include all the data you want to end up in Backendless into the CSVs you import.


but there is no way to set geo point meta to reference a table.

im doing this because in my codeless logic i use the find geo points in radius and then getting the data table from the meta data.
but i cant do this when i import the geo points with csv (i did add the relation in the data table).

is there a way to accomplish this? access the table data from the geo point.

Of course, there is! I provided the instructions to you here: Import relations question

Hey @mark-piller
i did that yesterday but it will add the reference to the address table. and in my geo points metadata there is nothing to reference the address table.

this is the address table

and this is the geo point

as you can see the meta is empty

See what I wrote here: Import relations question