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Event handler push notification not trigger

(morteza hosseini) #1

I created an event handler to send push notification to my users, this event handler must be run after update every row on device table, then if “isi” field be false, then send push notification. i deploy the model but after update device and set “isi” false, i don’t get notification in my phone.
my device has been registered in that channel, because i have a push template and when i send notification to phone, i get notification on phone, help me as you can!.

this is image of event handler:

(Stanislaw Grin) #2

Hi @morteza-hosseini,

could you please share your App ID?


(morteza hosseini) #3

Hi, sure. here you are …
App ID: A43B8A63C-CC25-BE19-FFD0-A47A21B9BC00