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Event handler push notification not trigger

I created an event handler to send push notification to my users, this event handler must be run after update every row on device table, then if “isi” field be false, then send push notification. i deploy the model but after update device and set “isi” false, i don’t get notification in my phone.
my device has been registered in that channel, because i have a push template and when i send notification to phone, i get notification on phone, help me as you can!.

this is image of event handler:

Hi @morteza-hosseini,

could you please share your App ID?


Hi, sure. here you are …
App ID: A43B8A63C-CC25-BE19-FFD0-A47A21B9BC00

hi, i can’t reach response in this topic yet. it is necessary for me. help me please.

I cannot find an application with this ID in Backendless Cloud. Could you please check if you pasted it correctly?

As soon as possible.

The app ID you provided (the one below) does not exist in our system:

Hi, This is my AppId: 43B8A63C-CC25-BE19-FFD0-A47A21B9BC00

I made some changes to the codeless event handler. Could you please send the API request to trigger the codeless logic?

Hi, i have a question to test your changes! This handler will be called after update from api call or just edit ‘isi’ field in my DB will work well???

Hello @morteza-hosseini

Changes that were made do not affect your original logic. They only add debug output to make it easier to understand what the reason may be.

Where can i see debug log?

There are two places where you can see this conclusion:

  1. Files - Root - logging - date.log
  2. In real time - Manage - Log Management - REAL-TIME LOGGING
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Hi, have a nice time. i can’t succeed yet. help me how ever you could… hah hah hah.
I updated device table and set isi:true, every things is ok but event handler does not trigger and also logging not work. what should i do?

Hi, i found the solution, i created event handler on AfterUpdate but my request was BulkUpdate, so thank you. i’m sorry for wasting so much of your time.