Event Handlers and Message Publishing

Is there a trick to get Event Handlers working with Message publishing?

I use a message published at the end of a Transaction API call to trigger a realtime event update (suggestion from Mark in my previous post). I figured I’d use the same message to trigger an Event Handler set up as follows:

The message being publish is from this block in another API Service:

Which I know is publishing as I can see it in the console and it triggers the Realtime listener I have set up in UI Builder to listen for database updates.

So if the message is being published and triggers the real time listener, why is the event handler missing it?

Hi, @Andrew_Billcliffe

Does your handler trigger if you make a call not through the api-service? If you make a call through a service that uses the Cloud Code API key, the handler will not be triggered.


Of course, thanks Marina, all works fine now by calling through a POST REST api call.