Event Handlers are not working, when I create/update records from Data Management

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Event Handlers are not working, when I create/update records from Data Management

Hi @Keji_Giwa,

it should not work when you create/update/delete records using admin console. Event handlers are handling only API calls. This is by design. Check your handlers by using REST console.


Is there any way to make it working from Data Management?
I need possibility to recalculate some fields, after changing data by manager from Data Management.

No. I can only suggest to make ‘bulkUpdate’ event handler and after your manager have changed some data, run bulkUpdate for your records through API (you may use REST console in admin panel) and make required recalculation inside event handler.
But again, this is just a workaround. Changing data directly in Data Manager will not fire event handlers in any way.


Also you can create some API Service which you can run manually after each data modification by your manager. Inside that service you should retrieve all records from the table and do any recalculation you need.


I have created internal ticket to discuss possibility to add such feature in nearest future.
So maybe we will make event handlers to fire even when some admin manages data directly in console.
You can reference this ticket by its internal ID - BKNDLSS-22393.


Hi Keji,

The simplest way to get event handlers with all data management operations is by using UI Builder and the Data Table component. The component includes exactly the same functionality as Backendless Console, that is you can:

  • Create new records
  • Modify existing records
  • Delete records
  • Run queries
  • Use paging for very large data sets
  • The component is automatically enabled for real-time events, so when data is created/updated elsewhere, you will see the latest data on your screen.

All operations listed above are integrated with event handlers. To see the data table component in action, please watch the following video:

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.