Event listener not working on table updates

I have setup an event handler that will trigger a push notification when a table row is updated.

It was working an hour ago, now it is not. I think the listener is buggy.

Could you please check this environment:

App ID: B78A830E-7A03-838E-FF36-46CF57DEF200
Event Handler - afterUpdate on table “Sites”. Only one there.
To test,

  1. On table “Sites”, go to row where Channel is “7540.15SPR”. There are only 4 rows in the table.
  2. Update “TestPushNotification” column, to “red”, “green” or “orange”.
  3. Check the real-time logger on the event handler.
  4. Never gets logged, so the listener is broken.


How did you test your logic?
Did you use REST console or maybe some curl request ?
In case of “REST console” I can not perform the update if only one column is in the request. In such a case I receive error from your code:

“code”: 0,
“message”: “Channel Name must be provided and must be a string.”

Request body is:


Hi Oleg,

Are you referring to the Push Notification? I have tested is many ti es and it works great from curl. Use “7540.15SPR” for channel. I will receive the notification on my phone.

Use red, green or orange for TestPushNotification. I think the listener is the problem, the API service.

No, i’m talking about updating record in the table, just as you described in a first post.

Could you show your curl request, please.

You also wrote

I have tested is many ti es and it works great from curl.

And it confused me a little. Are you experiencing the problem now (when you update the table) ?
As I understood handler works during the update operation.

Hi Oleg,
Let me try to clear up the confusion.

  1. I have 2 push notification APIs set up. One of them is targetd to All devices registered to a Channel. Other is targeted to a specific device.

  2. The notification’s header contains a color code (red, green or orange). The mobile app receiving the notification performs some actions depending on the color.

  3. This notification service works fine. Here is a curl script I used:
    curl -X “POST” “https://api.backendless.com/B78A830E-7A03-838E-FF36-46CF57DEF200/BC28F1C3-6611-4633-A83C-59324EDC8B1D/services/PushAlert/notifyChannel
    -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’
    -H ‘Accept: application/json’
    -d $’{
    “channel”: “7540.15SPR”,
    “color”: “red”

  4. Now, I want trigger the notification when a row is updated on a table. The table is “Sites”. I am updating the field “TestPushNotification” with different color codes. Doing this manually on the table for now. Will be automated later as per the business logic.

  5. So I set up an event handler (“afterUpdate”) to listen to updates on “Sites”. When updated, the handler should pick the “Channel” and “TestPushNotification” from that row and fire off a notification to that channel.

  6. However, this is not working when I update the “TestPushNotification” field . I set up a logger in the event handler, and I don’t see any logs either. So the handler is not getting triggered when I update the row. I am using the row with Channel = “7540.15SPR”.

So that is the problem. I had it working a few times before, but not anymore.

Please, provide curl api request, which you make to the Backendless server, which changes the row in the table Sites (and which should be a reason for the event handler calling – beforeUpdate, afterUpdate).

Oh. I am not using curl for that. I am doing it manually on that table.

But it is not an api call!
So, that is the reason.

So only an API call trigger that? That seems weird. Can I update that table through UI builder logic and make it work?

Yes, only API cal is a trigger.
Nothing weird. It is intended to separate some development actions and the real calls.

Thanks Oleg. That was helpful