Events based on changes in Page Data

Hi there,
I was wondering if there is a possibility to trigger an event based on a Page Data property changing?
I’m basically building a filtering capability for my app with multiple filters and I would like it to work dinamically, so once a user changes a value (search, drop down, radio buttons) the filter would take into account all of those immediately. And copy pasting the same logic into several events for different components doesn’t seem logical to me. I would just change properties of one Page Data object/property and once those changes occur, run a function.

Thank you,

Hi Matej,

Could you please attach a screenshot which demonstrates what you’re doing? This will help us guide you to a solution.


This is a POC kind of app. The search works with the On Change to filter by name and the Filter by Status as well. The clear button is just to clear the Status selection if needed.
I would need for the filter to be applied using both options at the same time and when any of them changes if that is understandable :sweat_smile:
In the future this would be expanded to more options.


Hello @Matej_Groboljsek

Currently, there is no such option to have a trigger for all changes in one place for all elements at once.
However, I think Data Binding can help here.
It is necessary to add the corresponding property value to the search, drop down, radio buttons in the data binding section and then add logic to the element that should listen to all these changes.

About Data Binding:
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