Example for Block Repeater setting checked?

The Block component (as well as Container and Panel) has a ‘Repeater’ setting. When checked, a logic block group (‘Repeaters’) appears in UI Library, with Set/Get ‘Repeater Data of’ blocks that list components with ‘Repeater’ checked.

This setting is used for Blocks in the Business Consulting blueprint, with corresponding Repeater Data objects; the code indicates it’s for rendering lists, but what’s going on is still murky.

Is there documentation on/are there examples of the use of this feature?

This documentation has not been publically announced yet as it is still going through internal reviews. Some information in the docs may change and the docs are being actively worked on.

Here’s the doc you’re asking about:

It looks like it’s just a nomenclature change: ‘Dynamic List Behavior’ has changed to ‘Repeater’, syntax
is the same.

Am I correct?

That’s correct.

Found where I should be checking to keep up with such changes:
Release History page … found the pointer down the page in the April ‘new release’ email.