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Example of loginWithGooglePlusSdk with JS-SDK

(Barry Schneider) #1

I looked and could not find any examples of using loginWithGooglePlusSdk with JS-SDK. Please provide example for
loginWithGooglePlusSdk: function(fieldsMapping, stayLoggedIn, async)

(Ilya Veklenko) #2

Hi Barry,
I’ve created internal ticket to solve this task (BKNDLSS-14027)
I will let you know when it is ready.

Regards Ilya

(Barry Schneider) #3

When do you think the example will be complete?

(Mark Piller) #4

I just checked the results of the code generation built-into Backendless Console and they include login with Google. Barry, have you tried that?

(Barry Schneider) #5

I was using the non sdk but does not work with ie so I am trying to get google login sdk working.