Exceeded limit remain active even after solving it

My application id is 160284A5-E879-1C07-FFC2-00ED33A80000
According to new Backendless policy, my application was exceeding the limit of number of objects in a table,
I have now decreased those objects below 20000 but my application is still blocked, and getting this error “Your application has exceeded a limit of the ‘Data objects in a table’ feature on your current plan. All API calls will be blocked within 48 hours after the limit is exceeded.”
Can you check what is causing this. For you convenience I have disabled the app so it doesn’t exceed the limits during the time between I write this message and you receive it.

Kind regards

Hi Jose Luis,

I check your application and it is working just fine. The red bar at the top of the console should disappear within a few hours, however the API calls are working (if you enable the version).


Dear Mark,

I tried to export the data just now and I got: “Export operation is temporarily disabled until the application’s usage matches the billing plan limits.”

BTW, I think is obvious that once you have exceeded the plan’s limits in one sense you can not further go that way. For instance, if I have exceeded the number of data tables I can not create more tables. But it’s totally unexpected that then you are not longer being able to use that data that you hold on those tables or the ability to download the data.

One of my apps is in a paid plan. Now I feel that if I reach one of the limits of the plan my data/users’s data will remain kidnapped until I pay a ransom and upgrade somehow to override the limit. What happens if that limit is no further upgradable?

I’m pretty sure you didn’t build this in that sense but just wanted to reach you to make you know how does it feel. :slight_smile:

When an application exceeds a limit of the current plan, the export functionality is disabled. It is a business rule we put into the system. It is absolutely your choice how to bring the app back within the limits. For example, if you exceed with the number of objects in a table, you can reduce the table size, or you can upgrade the plan or you can buy a function pack. Every limit is extensible, so the question you ask (What happens if that limit is no further upgradable?) does not apply.


Hi Mark,

That’s what I did. I deleted a couple of objects in the table (there was 20002 objects). But then you still can not export your data because the flag of “limits exceeded” it doesn’t update. After 6-8 hours I was able to eventually export the data.

I can pretty understand that you have your cron jobs to check if the limits are exceeded or not, and until that point the user is not able to export. But if you pay the export is automatically triggered. So that’s why that extrange feeling of being kidnapped.

I can even relate that the API is disabled 48 hours after exceeding the plan but honestly, with all the affection, the data should be always be of the customer, “your data is yours” should be a basic premise in MBaaS platforms.


Thanks for the support.


We have made a fix to unblock application as soon as it falls within the limits

Customers will thank, :slight_smile: