Exception while trying to save object

Hey guys, having trouble with saving an object that appears few days ago, started having this issue after updating to 5.0+.

When I am trying to save and object, I am receiving an exception:
BackendlessException{ code: ‘1037’, message: ‘Unable to save entity, properties: value cannot be null’, extendedData: ‘{missingProperties=[Ljava.lang.String;@e840ae6}’, detail: ‘Unable to save entity, properties: value cannot be null’ }

Saving like this:

I checked, this save method maps my obj to map with losing all fields, in save method of your Persistance.java class.

Attached image from debugged, that is my entity I am passing and map that you building from it, it is missing Value field.

Hope we will be able to resolve it fast, coz it is live now.
Thanks for your help,


Can you please show the PhoneDto class source code?


Thanks, nothing seems to be causing the problem in this class.

Please try to create a minimal verifiable sample for us to be able to reproduce the problem and help you.

Created project with one class, it works, it parses fine. But same thing in mine project does not work. No idea why

I found an issue, it is because of proguard’s code shrinking, you have some logic on getters and setters. Thanks!

Apparently there is some such logic. We also have these additional recommendations in regard to proguard: http://backendless.com/docs/android/doc.html#proguard-configuration