Exclude values based on several conditions

Hello! I would like to request some help with this problem I am trying to solve.

I ask users questions from my database (Movie_trivia_questions table). I have successfully created a process where one random question is asked at a time with an option to select questions only from a certain group of questions.
After the question is answered, the answer is evaluated, and the correct or wrong response is returned to the UI to tell the user if they answered correctly. Their answers are recorded in the Movie_trivia_answers table with the user, the question and their answer.

The schema for this looks like this:

And my current logic to get random questions is this:

My question is: How can I only ask users questions they have not answered yet? In other words, exclude questions that were already answered by the user who is currently getting questions.

My app ID, if needed: BF07EF17-F9B5-DC25-FF43-CC3C042E7500

Hello @Miroslav_Sedlacek

To receive questions by category and those that the user did not answer, you can make a REST request like:

GET .../data/Question?where=Category[questions].name='<categoryName>' and Answer[question].user.name!='<userName>'

In codeless: