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Executing business logic only when there is a list of objects to process

Is there a way in Backendless Codeless, to execute business logic while there is a queue or list of object to process?

I am keeping my Backendless DB in sync with another system, so every day there are between 10-100 objects to add/delete to/from Backendless.

It is hard to do using Bulk blocks because I also need to create relations between the objects when they are in Backendless.

I have currently envisaged a timer ever X minutes, that loads the list, sees if there is anything in there and proceeds to execute the logic if the list is not empty.

Is there a better way? Eg. to not start the execution at all if the list is empty, maybe using Event Listeners?

Hello, @Andreas_Marinopoulos!

Backendless does not act as a source to synchronize with something, but as a storage.
The changes are fetched from somewhere in BL. In this case, he will not be able to listen for changes on a third-party resource. But if, on the contrary, the source is BL, then this can be implemented.
The most logical solution is the Backendless event handlers

Best Regards, Nikita.

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Thanks Nikita