Execution Time API

Hello, what about the execution time when I basically start another API in an API or in a trigger. Does each execution then count for itself or are both execution times counted together?
Namely, after an order is received, I want a few things to be checked. If I run both directly in the primary API one after the other, the maximum time of 20 seconds is sometimes exceeded.

hello @Gerrit_Marttila

Does each execution then count for itself or are both execution times counted together?

it counts for itself

Okay thank you for the fast reply.
Then I can install it like that and it should work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m still having problems with execution time.
Here are more details. I have an iOS app that employees can use to place orders. The app sends the order via a custom API. The server should then save the data in the database and then send out an email so that the back office knows that something has arrived. The server assembles the HTML email from the order and item data. I always had the problem that the additional creation of the mail affects the overall execution time. That’s why I put the creation of the email into a separate API. After saving the data, this mail API should then be executed, but the message Execution Timeout also appears in this construct.
Here’s a screenshot. What would be the best solution here? I can’t use an event handler here either because an event handler cannot be started from an API.

Currently I have commented out starting the mail API.

Okay, sorry. I tested a little more and wrote something into the logs and then I noticed that the main process is now running, but the process of sending the email is now taking a very long time. There were never any problems before. Has there been any change so that processes now take longer?

Hello @Gerrit_Marttila,

We haven’t changed our email service recently. Could this problem be related to your SMTP server?