explanation on how to integrate your service in existing hybrid Xcode 9 & Cordova


after spending many hours installing & uninstalling pod,
I need help on the second part Step 2. Application Setup
once all is done & I open the target work project.xcworkspace

my original project runs as it was before but nothing is added to the AppDelegate file & backendless is not mentioned anywhere, so I add the line you suggested in AppDelegate.h

  • (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions { [backendless initApp:APP_ID apiKey:API_KEY]; return YES;}
    but I have errors that this is not defined ,
    guys this part here is not clear at all ,
    please provide a complete detailed steps to proceed !!
    do we need to import any file on top, how should we test if the pod framework is added successfully
    ? do we need to add the library manually to the project?
    must provide a detailed explanation for that issue on how to integrate your service in existing Xcode project ,
    hope you can help soon,

Hi Nad,

Have you tried looking into generated projects from Code Generation tab?

no can you explain more ?

There’s a Code Generation tab in the left bottom on console, where you can choose one of the samples and download a code for it, which you can run, test, modify or use in your project. I believe it can give you lots of hints on how to develop your own project.

thanks Sergey,

I did downloaded the push notification I can see the AppDelegate configuration inside but how to join & merge this info to my project without errors , I moved the info to my project AppDelegate but the error is now: ‘Backendless.h’ file not found
I’m trying to add the pod framework manually so it can see #import “Backendless.h”
that is added on top,
if you have any idea to link the framework let me know,

Hello Nad,

You can add the Backendless lib using cocoapods or manually.

Manually: to connect the lib, please download the latest release from here. Unarchive the downloaded file, select the “lib” folder and copy it into your’s project root folder. Then select your project -> Add Files To yourProject and add the “lib” folder to the project (make sure to select Create groups when adding the “lib” folder).

Cocoapods: cd to your project folder using terminal. Run ‘pod init’ command - a new Podfile will be created. Then open the created file and add pod ‘Backendless’ before the “end” line. Save podfile. Run ‘pod install’ - all dependencies will be created. For more info please check this documentation.

Also make sure to replace APP_ID and API_KEY with the real in your project. You can copy them from the Manage Tab in your console.

Please check this Backendless documentation for more info.

Regards, Olga

thank you Olga will try this & respond here,


hi again,

I did that and manually added the lib folder and now we have this new issue please check attached photo,
I followed each small details & reinstalled it many times but no luck
hope you can debug this,

Hello Nad,

Please check this video. Everything works fine for me.

Regards, Olga

Hello Olga,

ok now it’s working in my code & app is starting well but I don’t see the app registering on the data management on the server side where I’m suppose to see it as explained in the documents,
thanks for you help in advance,