Export data is charging me USD40 each time

I usually download and export data as a backup. Now in the scale plan, when exporting the data there is a confirmation message trying to charge me USD40 prompting me the following message:

You have a debt of $40.00 in the application. If you want to export data, you will be charged $40.00 .

This is happening even If I was recently charged.

Hi @Edwin_Santos ,

Could you please provide your app ID?

Regards, Andriy

This is the ID: BFAEAF2B-8B3C-305A-FFA0-6963B0CB3500

@Edwin_Santos ,

Sorry for inconvenience. There is a problem with charge estimation in the side of UI - additionally to $0.5 of open balance it also added price of 2 function packs which you bought in your app to the final sum. In fact, you will be charged only for the open balance of your app which is $0.5 right now.

Could you place try to export and confirm that you was charged only $0.5? The sum can slightly increase if before export you will be billed for another day on Scale. But in any case it will be much smaller than $40.

Also I have created an internal ticket to fix this UI problem.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks. Confirmed I was just charged 0.5