Export found set

Is it possible to export a found set. My users will have unique records or course but, they need the ability to filter / search their records and then have the ability to email the found set as a csv, xlsx?


Yes, it is possible. This video demonstrates how to do it:

Yes Mark, I have seen that video. But, can this be done via codeless blocks. This may be the most important part of my app. The ability for users to send their data of their choosing to head office.

To do it in your logic, it would need to be in Cloud Code. The logic would need to do the following:

  1. Run a query to get the records of interest
  2. Go through the records and create the text of the output file
  3. Use the Create File block to store the contents


ok will look at it later…thanks

are there examples of this to follow. I am still learning the basics, let alone the cloud code.


Here’s everything you need to make it happen:

Creating API service that fetches data from the database

Looping logic in Codeless:

Creating a file codeless block: