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Export/import or add rows to Devices table in push notifications web console (iOS)

(Rick Cataldo) #1


We have fully migrated our iOS app from Parse to Backendless, and everything is working very well (so we thank you for a very nice backend service!). There is one thing we are having trouble figuring out.

In Parse, the push notification device tokens were stored in the Installations table, from which they could be exported/imported along with the rest of the data for backup and disaster recovery. On Backendless, we are now sending push notifications via the Backendless web console. Can you tell me if there is a way to backup, restore or even add rows to the messaging console Devices table?

We know that we could save the device tokens in our own data table and export/import that, but how could we then restore the ability to publish push notifications to those devices in the event of data loss from the messaging web console?

Sorry if this has been addressed before, and thanks again for a great service.

Rick Cataldo

(Anton Govorushkin) #2

Hello Rick

There is no way you can restore all the previously registered devices to the messaging console directly. If you are storing all the device registration data in a separate data table you may use the following docs to write your own script to restore the devices you need.
Hope it helps!

Regards Anton

(Rick Cataldo) #3

Hello Anton,

Thanks for your quick response. We will give that a try!