Exporting Tables Never Completes

When I go to Export all of my Tables, I get a message saying it will email me when the export is complete, but the email never arrives. I’ve waited a few days for it to arrive but it does not.

I think the export must be timing out because if I export a small subset of data, it will export fine. Can someone please help me export all of my tables?

Hello, @Jonathan1

Could you please specify your application ID.

Best Regards,

I have already sent my app ID to you in a private email to support@backendless.com and on Slack.

The internal ticket 19054 for this issue was created.

@Maksym_Khobotin is there any status on a fix for this issue? I’d like to get a back up of our data before we start making changes to our data models.

Hi, Jonathan. This task is in progress. We’ll let you know when we fix this issue.

Regards, Andrii.

It’s been a week, any progress? I would like to export my tables.

Hello Jonathan,

The ticket is still in progress and we’ll response here when it will be done.


is there another way for me to get a back of my export tables?

I wish we could, but unfortunately there is no way we can work it around. You’ll need to wait for a general fix

Regards Anton

Any Updates? I would think you agree that I’ve been very patient.

Hello, Jonathan!

We think we’re gonna fix this problem within the next week.

Regards Denys

Hi @Jonathan1

First of all thank you for patience :slight_smile: Secondly I’d like to underline that our team has already been working on a fix for a few days. The fix is not that simple as we expected, export logic is now being completely reworked, and should be thoroughly tested afterwards. We are sorry for the inconveniences it may be causing, and the estimates Denys posted above are very approximate. But we’ll do our best to deliver the fix asap.


If I am losing money on development time waiting for this fix, can I get reimbursed?

Hi @Jonathan1

Please try exporting your data again, should work fine now


This is a support forum where we are happy to assist you with technical questions or problems. For any issues related to billing or pricing please contact sales@backendless.com

I just tried it, and this time the export completed. However, in the CSV files, I see a bunch of duplicate objects with ‘null’ relations. In one CSV file, there are 3 duplicates for every object.

Can you explain why that is?

Hello @Jonathan1

In all CSV files or in some specific?

In most of them. Most of the main ones I care about.

Find in the CSV file ID object that you think is duplicated.
Please go to the Data section.
Choose a table that contains this ID.
Scroll to the right and see the gray columns with the name RELATION FROM - the number of expected duplicates = empty values.