Extensions/styles not found, suddenly

For some reason, when loading preview pages I suddenly get errors like

FileError: ‘https://domainName.backendless.app/api/files/ui-builder/containers/containerName/styles/pageLayout.less’ wasn’t found (400)

Each attempt to load a preview page produces a slightly different error (but generally some extension less file not found, even though the extensions are all there). This happens only on preview pages — loading the actual site does not produce such errors. Our app ID is AE4235E1-DBB7-C6F0-FF4A-E0378B0B2B00

What’s happening? Help?

Hi @Alex_Klein,

looking into it…

Yes. I can’t build either. Here is my Preview page error as well.

@stanislaw.grin seems to be fixed now :slight_smile:

@Alex_Klein yes, we made changes recently. Sorry for the inconvenience!