External API call works in Postman but not in Backendless

Backendless Version Online


Application ID 41F831D7-1082-9EE4-FF6C-0E7ED3481C00

Expected Behavior

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  1. call API with basic auth
  2. get response 200
  3. receive JSON data back from Companies House of the specified companies profile (GoogleUK in this example) as provide by CH in the body of the response

Actual Behavior

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  1. Call the API
  2. get response 200
  3. blank body, there’s no data.

Am I doing something wrong here? when I use exactly the same details in postman I get a response with the company profile as supplied from companies house and the API, but when I follow the guidelines for basic authentication (Basic access authentication - Wikipedia) in Backendless, theres no data in the body of the response.
When I check the cURL Backendless is encoding the username (and password, although the service doesnt use one) to base 64 as per the standard.

so, is it me, again? :wink:

Hi Andrew,

Could you please share a curl request for the API call?


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Hi @Andrew_Billcliffe,

it looks like you forgot to mark “return result” on the HTTP/s block. You’ll need then to put it into the return input of the purple block.


yeah… it was me. I spent two hours trying to work that one out… thanks Stanislaw!