External API error 400 but correct result

App ID: 41F831D7-1082-9EE4-FF6C-0E7ED3481C00

I have an API service that I created to call an external API endpoint. It responds with JSON formatted data, containing a number of nested arrays.
My codeless service counts the arrays and runs through each of them to get the data I require and save to the database. This works fine, and I get the data I expect saved in the database, but I also get an error when I invoke the service.

Data saved in database from the call:

How can it not read the property of “processes” which is a data element in each array, but also read it and save in the database?

Example of the returned JSON:

The arrays are in an object entitled “data” within the response which the codeless service pulls.

Hello @Andrew_Billcliffe

I suggest you create a variable for the following block:
And before get property from the object just log it using backendless logging

In this case, you will be able to see if there’s processes field in object

Hi Sergey, thank you for this.

Creating the variable didn’t help (but did clean up the blocks) however i tried using a different loop and it works fine now. I get response 200 and it saves correctly, although now i have an issue with converting strings to dates!

thank you!