External api intergration

I run ads with popcash and i want to be editing all my campaigns like adding budget, changing countries, etc.
I want to be editing all my campaigns in one place or app through API.
Below are instrtructions given

Hi @promise_chinasa_iwhere

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I run ads with popcash I want to be editing my multiple ads in one campaign through popcash API code but I can only do it in an external API host with just some line of coding which I don’t have ideas about.
Do you host external API

Hello @promise_chinasa_iwhere,

Backendless supports the external API requests.
In case you use Codeless you can make the requests using the HTTP/s block of the Network API.
Otherwise (in case you use one of our SDKs) you can implement the external requests in your clients app using the appropriate platform/language tools.


i don’t know coding so can you help to take care of that for me