External calls fromt Timers JS server code

I need to call external endpoint in order to manage the responses into JS server code (timers). Both “fetch” and “XMLHttpRequest” calls seems to fail. Is it allowed to place external calls into timers server code? How can I resolve this issue?

Hello @Daniele_Di_Gregorio

Could you provide a code and an error?

Hello Dima,

here it is

XHR is Browser API, but JS Server Code is NodeJS environment. You could use a built-in tool Backendless.Request for this purpose.
Also, there additional information what would help you - link and doc

Here is a simple example:


  name: 'test',

  startDate: 1642065693000,

  frequency: {
    schedule: 'custom',

    repeat: {'every':60}

  * @param {Object} req
  * @param {String} req.context Application Version Id
    return Backendless.Request.get('https://rickandmortyapi.com/api/character/39').then(result => console.log(result))

Great! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: