Extra 'user-token' property in latest SDK

It seems that there is an extraneous ‘user-token’ property defined on the BackendlessUser class in the latest versions of the IOS sdk. With ‘dynamic properties’ turned off this prevents the updated user record from being saved. If it matters I’m using the Data service and not the User service (however this has been working fine for months).

Hi Joey,

This issue has been fixed, you can get the fixed lib from github: https://github.com/Backendless/ios-SDK/tree/master/SDK/lib/backendless


I don’t think this field has been removed… Updated SDK from github, cleaned and am still seeing the property in the outgoing AMF request

Do you see it on the way from client to server?


Could you please attach a screenshot showing the property in the request? We’re having hard time reproducing the problem.

Joey, you are right, the problem was also in userService.update method, now it has been fixed - please, try again: https://github.com/Backendless/ios-SDK/tree/master/SDK/lib/backendless

Thanks - seems to have fixed it.