Extract data from geopoints

I am using the Backendless Geolocation API to store a bunch of hotel locations. The hotel data is present in a separate table, which is ralated to the geopoints. I was wondering how I would be able to extract data from the Hotels table, using the geopoints.

I have implemented the use of the Seacrh for Geopoints within a radius. This is working fine, but how do I get any related data?

Hi Saurav

Sorry for the delay.
You can use “whereClause” for getting table records by known geo point ids

location.objectId in ('98EF1B23-6FF4-3022-FFAC-FF38D44AB100', 'EC800732-1088-DE20-FF8E-E98826F5B900') 

Regards, Vlad