Extremely slow response 3.1.0

Hi guys,

I am sorry to bother you with something that might be very basic, but I do not have much experience in this area.

All of a sudden our login screen hosted through Backendless has become extremely slow.
What used to take 1-2 seconds are now taking 1-2 minutes(!).

Backendless version: 3-1.0

I realize that it is overdue with an update to a newer Backendless version, but could you help me patch it up short term?

Application ID: A001E36C-586F-FE9D-FF46-86F4CEFBBD00

hello @John_Andre_Bjerkli,

sorry for the issue, we are checking it from our end

@John_Andre_Bjerkli we have fixed the issue, please check if everything fine from your side

@sergey.kuk You are perfectly right, the issue seems to have been resolved.
Thank you very much for your swift reply!