Facebook canvas error "code":8022"


While trying to use hosting for our facebook application - error appeared {“code”:8022,“message”:“Missing ‘application-id’ header”}

Our settings

Secure Canvas URL: https://api.backendless.com/436FEFE2-7620-E10E-FFBA-8D8963DB9800/v1/files/web/Math3game.html?

If trying to use this link - application starts. If trying to use canvas page link https://apps.facebook.com/gameteam_match_dev
error appeared.

What’s wrong?

This error message {“code”:8022,“message”:“Missing ‘application-id’ header”} says, that the api request which was come to our server don’t contain “application-id” header.

Please, provide more information. At least description of the api request which you invoke. Example of your code to reproduce your problem - it would be great.

What api request do you mean? We load html file to your host. That’s all what we do. And when fb trying to acces this page this error appeared